You have to give it to Lolo Jones. Despite the fact that she had her heart broken during the 2012 Summer Olympics, she hasn't lost her sense of humor.

Yesterday, Lolo did an interview with USA Today and talked about the lack of "hookups" that she's seen during her stay in the Olympic Village for the last two weeks. And, in typical Lolo fashion, she made sure that the quotes she provided were super splashy.

"I'm in a suite with seven girls," she said, "and I guess we don't have any sluts on the team. I haven't seen any hookups. I'm sure it's going on, though, but I haven't heard any juicy details yet."

Of course, that led the reporter to dig a little deeper into what it's like to be a virgin staying in the Olympic Village. And, somehow, that led Lolo to discuss how she'd still like to have the chance to meet Tim Tebow sometime in the near future.

"You always think you're the last virgin on earth," she said. "I respect his journey, and any virgin I just love talking to them and sharing the journey and the frustration."

Yep. Like we said, you've gotta give it to her. She's not going to just fade into the background after the Olympics end. Thanks to stuff like this, she's here to stay—regardless of what anyone out there thinks about it.

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[via USA Today]