Hey Lakers fans, we got a question. After you heard about the Dwight Howard-to-L.A. trade being official, how did y'all react? Did you jump up and down in the house? Did you scream for joy at the top of your lungs? Did you run a lap around your block? Did you almost injure yourself doing any of the above? If so, you have a lot in common with the head coach of the Lakers, Mike Brown. When talking with Brian Kamenetzky of ESPN's Land O'LakersBrown revealed that he was so amped up after hearing the completion of the Howard deal that he nearly got himself on the DL:

“I got a little excited. I tried to jump up and down, but my mind was telling me to do something that my body wouldn’t allow me to do. I almost pulled my hamstring sitting down. I don’t know if that’s ever happened to anybody, but I was so excited that my leg tensed up. I almost tore my hamstring. So I got up slowly and gave him and Jim Buss a hug,” Brown said.

“That might be the first hug they’ve gotten from their coach, ever, when it comes to a trade happening.”

Wow. That's probably the same reaction Erik Spoelstra had when he heard the news of LeBron, Wade and Bosh joining forces in Miami. It's called the "my job just got a whole lot easier" celebration. 

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]