Kyrie Irving has a pretty crazy crossover move. Casual NBA fans might not know it yet. But, trust us: They will soon. Your man is about to turn himself into a superstar. He's already talking like one, so it's only a matter of time.

Before he goes big time, SLAM caught up with him last weekend at his youth basketball camp to talk about the evolution of his crossover. And, he had a pretty crazy take on how he's developed his crossover move over the years.

"When I was younger, I always wanted the AI crossover," he said. "In elementary school, that was the only move I had, was the Allen Iverson crossover. I probably practiced that crossover a million times…I had the Tim Hardaway, too. I practiced the Tim Hardaway move over a million times as well, along with the KJ [Kevin Johnson], which was just go by everybody with quickness. Over time, I combined all of them together, and made it into my own move. It was fun learning from those guys."

Got that kids? If you want to be a point guard in the NBA just practice the Allen Iverson crossover, the Tim Hardaway crossover, and the Kevin Johnson blow-by move a million times each. And then, at some point, combine them all together and practice that move a million times. Sounds simple enough, right?

Er…yeah. We'll just stick with throwing back beers and watching Kyrie kill the competition next season. That's about to become our go-to move.

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[via SLAM]