As you'd probably expect, there is a lot of mandatory drug testing done during the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee does its best to try and deter Olympians from using performance-enhancing drugs and steroids by threatening to randomly drug test all athletes who participate in the Summer Olympic Games. And, that goes for basketball, too, even though it's not a sport that frequently features guys who take PEDs and steroids.

After every basketball game during the Olympics, one player from each team is randomly selected to take a mandatory drug test that requires them to hang around for up to two hours. Often times, the player that gets chosen is whoever played best during the game. And, the other night, Kobe Bryant played so well during the second half of Team USA's game against Australia—connecting on six three-pointers and netting 20 points total—that he was the player chosen to stay after the game to take a drug test. He hadn't contributed in a big way to any of Team USA's previous five victories, so he was selected to get tested.

No worries, though. Kobe didn't test positive for anything. The only thing flowing through his veins was good old ice water. Take that, Olympic Committee!

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[via New York Post]