When Kobe Bryant's NBA career finally comes to a close, he might be able to make an honest living as a fortune teller. Because a full month before the Lakers traded for Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant claims that Kobe talked some trash to him and told him that Howard would be coming to Los Angeles to play next season.

"Kobe called that a month before it happened," KD said recently. "I didn't believe him. He was just like, 'We are going to have Dwight. We are going to have Steve Nash.' He just talked a lot of trash, jokes and laughs. But, he said it. I don't think anyone paid attention to it but me and him. He said it and it happened. And, they got better, a lot better…Dwight's name was being thrown on every team. Houston, Brooklyn, the Lakers. But, I guess he called it right."

See? Kobe Bryant is a world-class athlete, a world-class trash-talker, and a world-class fortune teller. Who knew?

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[via SLAM]