It’s the same for both. TCU is going to benefit the most. They've been wanting to be apart of a big conference for decades. The fact that it is in one now and can reap the benefits of being recruiting in Dallas. They’ve got a brand new stadium and a lot to advertise being the Big 12 school in Dallas. At the same time, going from the Mountain West Conference to the Big 12 is a lot to bite off in one year. They play both Oklahoma schools, Texas, West Virginia and Kansas State in their last five games so it’s going to be a tough November. They have set a high standard winning 10 games the past few years and it’s going be difficult to win that many this year. Short term, they’ll be in trouble, but they’ll benefit from the new conference in the long run. Missouri is going to struggle in the SEC. They've got players to be competitive but by October and November they’ll be worn down.