Although the famed Courcours d'Elegance on Pebble Beach's gorgeous greenery isn't until Sunday, the event became a stable root that sprouted into multiple branches throughout the week leading up to it. It's a bit like Little 500 at Indiana University in the sense that everybody is there and psyched for the event, so they might as well celebrate and expand upon the tremendous culture that has grown to unimaginable heights. Shows, like the Quail Motorsports Gathering, are an extension of the main event, but each have their own unique cars and qualities.

We were able to attend this year's Quail, where they were celebrating Pre-War Alfa Romeos, the 50th Anniversary of Iso Automobili, FIVA Preservation, and "Revolutionary Designs." Needless to say, The course was busting at the seams with some of the most memorable and influential design and engineering ever seen on automobiles. We carefully went through each and every car at the show and picked out what we thought were not the best, but some of the most unique and intriguing. Here are 25 Incredible Cars at the Quail Motorsports Gathering