Date: April 2012

Location: Carmichael, California

Anyone who has played junior varsity baseball knows that the tensions run high—but the stakes are even higher. When a high school baseball coach allegedly hurled a few insults at the not-old-enough-to-vote-yet opposing pitcher, the young man threw a baseball in the direction of the coach, triggering a '68 Democratic National Convention-like brawl. 

Yuba City is in yellow. We're pretty sure it's illegal for high schools to sponsor fight clubs. But if it's not, this team is a favorite to win conference. A parent on the Del Campo side of the field yells, "Go back to your farm land!" if that tells you anything. And a morbidly obese woman walks on the field to, apparently, scream the f-word twice and, rather cavalierly, throw up the double middle finger. We wonder where the kids get it.