Amateur sports—it took you awhile but you've finally caught up to the pro game. Between Gabby Douglas, high school football on ESPN, and wall-to-wall coverage of The Little League World Series, you'd think there's something important about 12-year-old kids hitting balls 200 feet with metal bats.

But, with the sky-rocketing cost of tuition, the only way your kid is getting a higher education is with a full-ride scholarship. What we're trying to say is: amateur sports are, like, really important.

So, here's our tribute to the parents that get it, the ones who understand what's at stake. The ones who, when they're fifth grader is called out on strikes looking, attack the umpire with a shattered bottle of Wild Turkey. Because in a world of starving children, crippling debt, and rising unemployment, what really matters is a baseball game amongst kids more than five birthdays away from a drivers license.