Usain Bolt has been in the news a lot lately, huh? Over here in the United States, most of us admire Bolt for his exceptional talent on the track. Still, there are those select few that remain bitter about him beating out our American competitors. If you're one of those people, this is for you.. 

Right after winning gold and setting a new Olympic record in the 100 meter dash, Usain was a wanted man by everyone in the media. One reporter had the opportunity to discuss the Jamaican sprinter's victory during the medal ceremony of Sanya Richards-Ross. Suddenly, The Star-Spangled Banner started playing. No big deal for either of these folks, right? Wrong. Bolt paused the interview just to acknowledge the American national anthem. C'mon, who in their right mind would want to throw a beer bottle at this guy? Sidebar: We didn't know that dogs get riled up near the end of The Star-Spangled Banner as well.     

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[via Bob's Blitz]