After he was arrested on domestic violence charges over the weekend, the Miami Dolphins decided to part ways with their superstar receiver Chad Johnson. Rookie head coach Joe Philbin had reportedly already grown tired of Johnson's act during his brief stint with the team, and the domestic violence incident was the final straw. But, did the Dolphins act too quickly?

At least one of Johnson's now-former teammates thinks so. Linebacker Karlos Dansby believes that Miami should have stuck by their guy for a little while longer. At the very least, he says they should have let the legal process play itself out before making a major move.

"I hate that we didn't stand behind him," he said on the Sid Rosenberg WMEN-AM radio show this morning. "I know the guys in the locker room would. But, the organization felt a totally different way about the situation, and they probably had more information than we know. And, they had to do what they had to do."

Dansby also said that he thinks Johnson's departure from the team is going to hurt them even more now than it would have if they'd decided to keep him. "It's going to be an even bigger distraction right now, I think, because of the simple fact we let him go," he said. "I think if we were going to be with the guy, if he was going to be our guy, we have to stand behind him—even though the situation came about."

He's got a point. But, either way, it was a tough call for the Dolphins to make. Do you think they made the right one?

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[via NFL Around the League]