A few ago, it was reported that Vintech would have a concept car that was a tribute to the old Porsche 550. Yesterday at the Quail Motorsports Gathering, we were able to see the car and briefly talk to the CEO, Frédéric Robin about the idea behind the car. Robin told us that he company, based in France, is using the car as a flagship for the company. It's a piece of art made to help promote Vintech, which is working on concept cars for a vareity of manufacturers in Europe. 

"We just built this car as a tribute to cars from the '50s," Robin said. "There is inspiration from Porsche, from Mercedes, from Jaguar. The aim is to do a nice piece of art in our way and to make it functional."

Although initial guesses estimated that the car would have around 260-275 horsepower, Robin told us that the car gets up to 300 horses from its 3.0-liter flat 4. Considering the car only weighs 1,200 pounds, we can guarantee that this thing is sprinting anywhere it goes. For now, Robin said that the car is a one-off, not made production, but we get the sense we'll be hearing about a new car from Vintech in the new future.