Amare Stoudemire had one of the worst seasons of his NBA career last year. After a promising first season with the Knicks, he took a step back in year two and it culminated in him lacerating his hand on a fire extinguisher during the first round of the playoffs. But, from the sound of things, his 2012-13 season will be much, much better. Reason being, he says he learned a lot from Hakeem Olajuwon this summer.

"Last season was probably the hardest season I've had in my career," he admitted recently. "I'm looking forward to showing my opponents my moves that I've been working on with Hakeem. There's so many moves that I picked up from Hakeem. Just developing my post game has been phenomenal for me."

That should give Knicks fans something to smile about. Now, is it time to start the season yet?

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[via Fan Nation]