Tight End, New England Patriots

In all honesty, we could have made a list like this for the Patriots tight end based on the last six months alone. Gronkowski was held to 26-yards-receiving on a busted ankle during the Patriots Super Bowl loss to the Giants. But when you're a 23-year-old millionaire, you tend to get over stupid shit like that quickly.

On the night of the Super Bowl, a sweat-soaked Gronkowski was seen bouncing on his busted ankle in bro-like bliss. Then, Gronk took a trip to Aruba where he (possibly) "hooked up" with a girl that was sixteen-years-old. SMH. After that it was off to Spring Break in South Padre where he was photographed at 2 a.m., piss drunk in a pair of Zubaz.  According to tweets from a handful of women at a recent charity event, Gronk purposely dumped his rum and coke on a woman. And he raged his face off at the ESPY’s so hard, Patriots brass to hit him with a cease and desist on his partying. Epic.