NBC has been catching hell for airing a lot of marquee events on tape delay during the 2012 Summer Olympics. But, contrary to what you might believe based on all the "I hate NBC!" tweets you read everyday, there are still plenty of Olympic events aired live throughout the course of the day. And, this post proves it.

Earlier this week, NBC aired a live women's water polo match between Spain and the U.S. that finished in a 9-9 tie. And, while we didn't watch it, we sure wish we had! At one point during the match, U.S. player Kami Craig grabbed a Spanish player's bathing suit in an attempt to play defense against her. But, in doing so, she also accidentally pulled her bathing down and exposed her breast. And, she did it just as NBC went to an underwater shot of the action, which led to the wardrobe malfunction being aired live for the entire world to see.

See, NBC? This is why things are better live. More boobs! We'd love to hear somebody try and argue against that.

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[via FOX Sports]