As far as pranks that require purchasing props, this might be the cheapest, most efficient, and most effective way to get somebody. If you're wondering how buying a bunch of tiny rolls of Saran Wrap is cheap, then you're thinking way too smal. That's a waste of time. If you're lucky, you have a friend that works somewhere with access to a large, industrial roll (like Menards, where I worked, or Home Depot or Lowes). If not, they can be purchased for a small fee at places like these.

The best way to attack is actually getting two teams of rolling. One holds, while the other rolls around. If you're a sissy, gloves might help, too, to protect your hands from the rough, quick-moving cardboard center. Now, make sure you don't just go around in one circle. That'll be way to easy for the victime to peel down in one swift motion. You need to go in big circles, in little circles, up and down, into crevices, around the mirrors and windshield wipers, and underneath the car. If you're gettin' real fancy with it, weave in and out of the underworkings of the car. Finally, make sure to hide the end of the wrap, so the guy doesn't even know where to begin.

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