Could you imagine LeBron James playing in another sport besides basketball? Especially after leading the Miami Heat to an NBA Championship last season. Yeah, there was that State Farm commercial he did a couple years ago. But that was only a commercial. How about picturing James playing wide receiver for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish? Believe it or not, that could've been a reality.

In an interview with The Palm Beach Post, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer discusses his fondness of the Heat and their coach Erik Spoelstra. While on the topic of the 2012 NBA Champions, LeBron's name popped up and Meyer had an interesting confession:

“I offered him a scholarship when he was a sophomore in high school at St. Vincent St. Mary’s,” Meyer said. “I was at Notre Dame. He was a receiver, and I was a receiver’s coach.”

How good was he?


Hey King James, it ain't too late to take your talents to the gridiron.          

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[via The Palm Beach Post]