At the conclusion of the 2012 NBA Draft, if you asked any Hornets fan, what their outlook was on the upcoming season, you would probably hear plenty of positive reviews. After only two days, the collective spirits of the Charlotte faithful may have suffered a huge blow upon hearing the unfortunate news revolving around Anthony Davis.

In what had to be one of the first activities of his NBA career, Anthony Davis suffered a severely sprained ankle during a workout on Saturday. As a result, Davis may not be able to compete in the Summer Olympics in London. With Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh and LaMarcus Aldridge already ruled out, Team USA was in dire need for a center and the 6-foot-11 AD looked like a huge front-runner for the final team.

Team USA managing director Jerry Colangelo isn't entirely ruling out Davis just yet. Colangelo responded to all the rumors stating:

"Just getting a report that his ankle is serious doesn't mean anything to me until we get an official doctor's report on what that means," Colangelo said. "Does it mean he can't practice for a week? Does it mean he's out for a month? You know what I'm saying. I don't like to speculate." 

If Davis is unable to go, the US basketball squad will take a look at Blake Griffin and Lamar Odom, who will also be trying out for the team this week.  

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[via Adrian Wojnarowski]