Late models BMWs have been disappearing left and right in the UK due to an unsettling security flaw. Thieves gain access to the car via blocking the key fob's lock signal with an RF jammer or simply breaking a window. Once they're inside, they take a spare key fob and reprogram it using the car's OBD-II connector, just like a mechanic would. Now the thieves have a perfectly functional key for the car.

The OBD-II port is totally unsecured as required by law, so as not to screw over private mechanics, but this obviously makes for a massive security flaw. The worst part is that this is BMW's response:

"However there are likely to be instances where a determined criminal can establish methods to gain entry into a BMW or any other manufacturers vehicle, regrettably this is outside of our control. I am sure you will appreciate that BMW cannot be held responsible for any incidents of this nature. However, BMW and its partners continue to work closely with the Police to monitor all methods of vehicle theft to ensure our products always remain in the hands of the rightful owner."

Basically, owners are screwed. Try to be lucky.

[via Jalopnik]