Remember that strange Italian company that popped up on our radar about a month ago that teased a sports car based on the 1965 Shelby Cobra? Well, the stunning official images have finally been revealed. The Puritalia 427 roadster you see above took the sporty mentality of the Cobra, injected it with some italian styling and made the whole car much lighter. As the website states: 

"We decided to design and engineer the 427 simply because a similar car doesn't exist. It is unique in design, in style, and most importantly in the way we build it. As in the past, simplicity was the idea behind the development of the true 2-seat sports car leaving exotic and extreme solutions out of the equation. The constant research of simplicity is the 427 refinement. The result, a powerful car using best-in-class technologies and materials to enhance and elevate the drivers experience. An exclusive item to own and designed for those (like us) who still love the pleasure of driving their own car and not be driven by it."

It sits on a chassis made of aluminum semi-monocoque with Chromoly steel tubular subframes. It has four-wheel independent suspension with unequal length double wishbones and two-way adjustable mono-tube shock absorbers. Under the hood you'll find a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 putting out 605 horses. Now, if only we could get our hands on one of these. 

[via Puritalia]