Back in January, news of Ferrari's partnership with Logic3 emerged from CES. The products, including the Cavallino Collection, modeled after Ferrari's road cars, and the Scuderia Collection, which is inspired by the F1 racing squad, made quite a splash. Interest was stirred in both the tech and automotive communities, creating fervent anticipation. 

The wait is now over, as Logic3 has announced the availability of the collection through from July 18, 2012.

Winner of the iLounge Best of Show award for product design, the headphones translate Ferrari's passion for design and innovation. The headphones employ style cues from sleek racing cars and premium materials drawn from Ferrari's road cars. Timelessness mixed with technological innovation representative of Ferrari's heritage is at the core of all the designs. There is also a measure of affordability (the most expensive product hitting at $350) and desire to bring the Ferrari brand in easier grasp. Simply, the collection brings Ferrari quality from design to performance to the hands and ears of music lovers. 

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