Team(s)/Athlete(s) of Interest: France and Argentina

Time: 3:00 p.m. (live) Eastern

Station: NBC Sports Network

Why You Should Watch It: As the only two teams in group A that can give team USA any real competition (although the US has already beaten France in this tourney), France vs Argentina serves as a good game for team USA to scout. Argentina ranks third in the world, second to Spain and team USA. Powered by Louis Scola and Manu Ginobili, Argentina is a formidable opponent who won the gold in Athens, and bronze in Beijing, and are looking to claim another medal, as this is the last time this current team as constructed will play in the Olympics together. On the flip side, France led by MVP candidate Tony Parker and Boris Diaw, has a mix of talented players and youth, looking to cause problems for opposing teams. Sharp shooting swingman Nicolas Batum will be out there to space the floor for Parker so he can attack the basket, and Diaw who could give headaches to post defenders. A lot of fire power on both teams, and the most intriguing here is Ginobili going up against his San Antonio teammates Diaw and Parker. Watch to see who will get bragging rights going into training camp.