Team(s)/Athlete of Interests(s): Sui Lu and Catalina Ponor

Time: 2:00 p.m. Eastern (live)

Station: NBC 

Returning gymnast Sui Lu is coming to London to defend her balance beam gold medal that she won in Beijing. She is favored to win gold again in this year's games, but a win might not be in the cards as it was in China with the return of Romanian Catalina Ponor. Ponor, who did not compete in the 2008 Olympics, has come out of retirement to win another gold medal in the event as she did in the 2004 Olympics, and reclaim her spot as the No. 1 ranked gymnast in the event. Age won't be a factor here because Ponor is coming off victories at the 2012 European Women's Artistic Gymnast Championships in May, and Artistic Gymnast World Cup in June. Some thought that if Ponor competed in '08, Lu wouldn't have won, so with Ponor competing in London, Lu will get the chance to silence her critics and take home the gold. Either way, this is going to be a heavily contested event with a lot of pride on the line, so missing these two Olympic champs duke it out is not advised.