Position(s): C
Stats: .296 BA 2844 H 311 HR 1332 RBI
Career: 1991-2011
Team(s): Rangers, Marlins, Tigers, Yankees, Astros, Nationals
Accomplishments: 14x All-Star, 13x Gold Glove, 7x Sliver Slugger, 1x MVP
For many years, Ivan Rodriguez was the benchmark for aspiring catchers. His cat-like reflexes earned him the nickname, "El Gato" amongst spanish folk and kept base runners at bay. He's the all-time leader in putouts as a catcher with 14,864; nearly 2,000 more than second place (Jason Kendall). Pudge dropped a significant amount of weight once the steroid scandal started getting hot and heavy further validating Canseco's book. In it he said that he personally educated Rodriguez and other teammates about steroids and injected them many times while in Texas. Ivan showed up to Tigers' spring training that same year weighing 187lbs as opposed to 215 the season prior. If steroids don't make people better explain Rodriguez's 1999 MVP season with the Rangers. He batted .334, smacked 35 HRs, drove in 113 and stole 25 bases; all career highs. He never hit more than 19 HRs before 1996 and after 2004 and never stole more than 10 bases except for the 1999 season. When asked if he was on the list of 104, Rodriguez replied, "Only God knows." Bigger, faster, stronger indeed.