Sports are a beautiful thing, not least because they allow ugly people to shine. Don't believe us? Here are 100 athletes (men only, we ain't that mean) who, despite being whupped upside their head with the ugly stick (or in some cases, whupped upside the head multiple times with a whole damn bag of ugly sticks), managed to persevere and find success on the playing field (we're employing a broad definition of "success" here; Shelden Williams is on the list).

We've tried to exclude people who look funny for medical reasons (no Gustavo Chacin or Charlie Villanueva), or guys who were literally hit upside the head (car crash victims Franck Ribery and Joleon Lescott) to focus on athletes who were born with eyebrows (way, way too much eyebrow in some cases) and didn't face any abnormal hardship as children (aside from having kids run screaming every time they showed their hideous mugs). So, straight from the department of We're Going to Hell for This, here are the 100 Ugliest Athletes of All Time.

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