Nickname: Conviction
Age: 30
Class: Featherweight
Record: 7-1
Association: Xtreme Couture

Can you make a list of the hottest MMA fighters without Gina Carano? No, you can't. It was Gina Carano who actually introduced the concept of a hot female MMA fighter, and to this day, it's hard to say that there's a grappler out there who can beat her on looks.

On the mat, however, there was only one who topped her: Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos. The loss in 2009 was Carano's last MMA fight, although she has indicated that she'd like to return, and was actually scheduled to fight last summer but was taken off the card for undisclosed medical reasons. As a consolation career, she's turned to making movies, such as 2011's Haywire with Steven Soderbergh. Not a bad trade-off.