Learning from other people's mistakes? Michel Morganella certainly isn't about that life. Less than a week after a Greek triple jumper was kicked off Greece's team for a racist tweet, Morganella has been banned from the Olympics for sending an offensive message via Twitter. The 23-year-old Swiss soccer player sent the hateful tweet following Switzerland's 2-1 loss to South Korea over the weekend.

Peep the additional image for the actual tweet. For those who aren't fluent in French, Morgnaella referred to South Koreans as "a bunch of mongoloids" and said that they "can go burn." SMH. Morgnaella apologized for the offensive comments saying they were made in "the heat of the moment" but that didn't stop the Olympic committee from banning him the rest of the games on Monday.

What's that saying...if you don't have anything nice to say then STFU? Eh, close enough.

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[via Huffington Post]