After all the hype, Silva v. Sonnen II answered the questions UFC fans had after their first matchup at UFC 117. Chael Sonnen made it a competitive fight, winning  the first round as he had Anderson Silva on his back for virtually the whole time. Sonnen also started out as the aggressor in the second round but a missed spinning back fist proved to be his downfall as Silva pounced on him to land a series of blows that eventually led to a stoppage at the 1:55 mark of the second round.

Though it didn’t go the distance (or even halfway), the fight of the year  proved to be a great one for the fans of MMA. Find out who the biggest  winners (hint: one of ‘em is this Brazilian dude who’s pretty damn good), losers and what’s next for the sport in the Sonnen vs. Silva II Recap.