Well, isn't this just the pot calling the kettle black?

During yesterday's Nationals/Marlins game, Ozzie Guillen got upset at Bryce Harper for using too much pine tar on his bat the first time he came up to the plate and complained to the umpires about it. So, the second time Harper came to the plate, he brought a new bat with him. Case closed, right? Er, hardly.

Before he stepped into the batter's box, the Marlins manager claims Harper gave him "a look." That look was enough to set Guillen off and he spent the duration of Harper's at-bat yelling expletives at Harper, telling him how "cute" he is (WTF?!), and pointing a bat at both him and the Nationals dugout. And, after the game, he also took the time to rip Harper and call him "unprofessional."

"First time, it's going to stay between us," he said. "I could have said a lot of [stuff] about this kid. I've been praising this kid like everyday. The last three times they asked me about him, the only thing I said was he's a great player. What he did [today] was unprofessional."

Wait, but isn't what you did also a little unprof…oh, nevermind. Harper refused to get into a war of words with Guillen after the game and sidestepped questions about the incident. But, tonight's game should be fun! See you guys at 7.

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[via Washington Post]