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When he decided to pack up his stuff and move to the greener (and sunnier) pastures of Miami, Ray Allen needed to just treat today's Heat introduction as a formality and keep it moving. Instead, Allen was asked about the Celtics lack of urgency in their pursuit of him this off-season and the guard bit:

"To a small extent, yeah. When Kevin signed I was excited for him. He signed a three-year deal and I expected to be somewhere along the same (length). Then they went in another direction and started to sign their other free agents. In a free agency period, I’m looking at Miami and they’re so excited to have me come here and have an opportunity, and I didn’t sense the same excitement coming from that side of the equation.”

We see what you're saying, but c'mon Ray, the Celtics needed to sign those other players (i.e. Jason Terry) as an insurance policy, just in case you didn't come back to Beantown. And look what happened. Hey, it's not that we're complaining over here because we will be enjoying the first match-up between Allen's old squad and his new team just as much as everyone else. 

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[via I Am A GM]