PROMO: Levi's® and Nike Magalog Documents the Evolution of Skate Style

Magazine + Catalog = Killer.

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The 511™ Skateboarding collection from Levi's® and Nike is something that has had us excited since it launched this month. One of the reasons to love the line is that both brands have cred of the historic variety. Levi's® and Nike are both iconic American companies whose influence has been felt the world over, and both are responsible for major innovations in both the form and function of American clothing and footwear. The 511™ Skateboarding line is most certainly part of that heritage, and it's been a fascinating journey to get to this watershed moment.

To celebrate the launch of this line, the brands teamed up to create a custom Magalog, with features ranging from an essay by seminal skate photographer Craig Stecyk, to a tour of the mill where Levi's® denim has been produced for nearly 100 years. The Magalog is available in print at skateshops throughout the country where the collection is sold. An online version can be found here, and is well worth a look.

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