During Team USA's exhibition game against Brazil last night, ESPN's Mark Jones caught up with President Obama and asked him the question that everyone has been trying to answer for the last week: Could the 2012 Olympic basketball team beat the 1992 Dream Team? And, even though the President has stayed quiet lately when it comes to making sports predictions, he gave his opinion on the subject. He said that the 2012 team is great—but admitted that the 1992 team was better.

"I was around in '92, I was a Bulls fan, so I've got to go with the original Dream Team," he said before taking a slight jab at the 2012 team, which was trailing Brazil in the second quarter of the game when the interview went down. "I suspect that Michael [Jordan] and 'Sir Charles' and others would point out they were probably never down at any point in any of their games. But, this is a great team, unbelievable talent."

Case closed! Er, we think…Anyone else want to weigh in?!

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[via AP]