A few months ago, Larry Bird paid LeBron James the ultimate compliment by saying that he "ain't far behind" Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in terms of his talent. And, during an interview with ESPN recently—which he said will be his last interview for awhile—Bird continued his praise of Bron-Bron by saying that he believes the Heat star just completed the best playoff run in NBA history. He also said that, when it's all said and done, LeBron will probably be mentioned in the same breath of MJ when it comes to discussing their NBA greatness.

"He actually carried [the Heat] all the way through the playoffs," Bird told ESPN's Jackie MacMullan. "If you go back to the beginning of the playoffs, has anyone ever had a better run? It seems like you have a bad game once in a while—he never did have a bad one. He was so focused, you could just see his confidence building and building and building…He should go down in history as one of the top, top players, and maybe he can get close to Michael [Jordan]."

Maybe get close to MJ? We wonder if Larry Legend will be getting a call from MJ this week like Charles Barkley did recently.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]