After everything Jeremy Lin did for the Knicks last season—both on and off of the court—it's hard to imagine him playing for anyone else next year. But, he's a restricted free agent right now, meaning he can sign a deal with any team this offseason and give the Knicks the opportunity to either match it or let him walk. And, it sounds like that's exactly what he's prepared to do.

Later today, Lin will meet with the Rockets about a potential deal. Rumors say Houston is going to offer him a deal that could be worth up to $40 million that would make it hard for the Knicks to match. That's not the only team from Texas that's interested in Lin, either. The Mavericks also might make a run at him now that Deron Williams has resigned with the Nets. And, the Raptors have expressed interest in the point guard as well.

So, will the Knicks match whatever other offers Lin gets? For their sake, we sure hope so—especially now that that "other" New York team has made some serious moves this offseason. They simply can't afford for Linsanity to be over.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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