Jeremy Lin had a pretty crazy 2011-12 NBA season with the Knicks. He came out of nowhere and became the biggest star in the country—all within in a matter of days. So, it should come as no surprise that all of the "Linsanity" surrounding him got to his head. And, he admitted it during a recent interview with the Mercury News.

"If I'm being honest," he said when asked if "Linsanity" got to his head, "in some ways, yes. I fought it every day. But, I think subconsciously it had its effect, everyone catering to you. People were saying only good things for so long that when people said negative stuff, it was like, 'Whoa, what's going on?'"

Lin also talked about how he realizes he's always going to have haters. "I will always, always have doubters," he said. "But, I really want to reach my potential to bring glory to God. That is more motivation than haters and doubters. I want to work just as hard, give just as much, whether or not I have haters."

Trust us: There will be plenty of 'em. So, even though "Linsanity" has died down, we expect next season to be just as crazy, if not even crazier, than last season. Enjoy the ride.

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[via Mercury News]

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