If Mark Sanchez is worried about losing his starting spot to Tim Tebow next season, he sure isn't showing it right now. According to In Touch magazine, the Sanchize just started dating—wait for it, wait for it…—Eva Longoria. And, the two have been spending a lot of time together.

"It looks like they're testing the waters," an insider told In Touch recently after Tony Parker's ex was spotted food shopping with Sanchez in Bedminster, N.J. where he lives.

A day after getting spotted at the supermarket, the pair also reportedly went out to eat at a hotel in New York City with Longoria rocking a blond wig to try and throw the tabloids off. But. she was quickly spotted. "They were laughing and having a great time," a source said.

So, what do you think? Is Longoria Sanchez's latest conquest? Hit the thumbs to see some recent flicks of her. If the rumors are true, we can't blame him one bit for trying to holler. He might not be QB1 in New York much longer. So, he might as well take advantage of it while he can, right?

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[via The Big Lead]