If this doesn't make you buy Hope Solo's new book, Solo: A Memoir of Hope, next month, nothing will.

According to a story that the American soccer star tells in the book, she was conceived—get this—during a conjugal visit. Her father was serving a jail sentence when he had sex with her mother. And, to make matters even worse, going to jail became a way of life for him over the years. Essentially, he was a con man who created several different families, impregnated a handful of different women, and embezzled funds from the company he worked at to pay for it all. Sounds like a real classy guy!

The story does have a happy ending as Solo has made peace with her father and, of course, gone on to become an international soccer star. But, still: Damn! That's one hell of a way to be conceived.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]

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