Earlier this week, Deron Williams announced via Twitter that he chose to stay with the Nets over joining the Mavericks. As it goes with any free agent decision, there was much speculation over what led a player to opt for one team over another. In his first discussion with the media since declaring his choice to join Brooklyn, Deron tells the New York Daily News just how close he was to calling Dallas his new home, along with a surprising confession about how the controversial Joe Johnson trade helped him make up his mind.  

"I was really close to going to Dallas," Williams said at Team USA training camp. "I actually thought that's where I was going to go. I had the meetings and it kind of changed my mind because once I got out of the meeting with Dallas and saw the way they way were going and the team they were putting out there and I saw that we just made a trade for Joe Johnson and I felt like that team for a longer time would be the better team.

So, D-Will felt that the Nets "for a longer time would be the better team"? That's not going to sit well with Mavs owner Mark Cuban. Anyway, the 28-year-old point guard later went on to further praise Johnson saying that he's "never played with anybody like him, a guy on the wing that can get his own shot and also get me involved and is a great defender."  Then, Deron got a little off his rocker when he said that Joe and him could be "one of the top backcourts in the NBA, for sure." While we don't know about all that, it's still going to be a lot of fun watching basketball in Brooklyn next season. 

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[via New York Daily News]