Alright, Oklahoma City fans. It's about that time to stop moping. You've had more than enough time to wallow in the loss. Your team will be just fine, and winning a championship takes time. Just ask LeBron. Plus, you guys just added a great player to your squad in Perry Jones III. If you're still tearing up at the thought of James Harden bricking shot after shot, we have the final solution for you: The 1996 Suzuki X-90 Thundermobile.

Drew Hooper, who became a relative OKC celebrity, knew that he was driving a piece-of-shit car and decided to use it as a canvas for his artistic endeavors.The result was a ridiculous vehicle with the stenciled faces of every single player on the Thunder, complete with a random quote from Frederick Douglass. Boom, problem solved.


[via Craigslist]