When Mike D'Antoni wasn't cutting it with Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks, he was fired. After Anthony referred to the Rockets' offer sheet to Jeremy Lin as a "ridiculous contract," the Knickerbockers decided to not match the deal. Is there a trend happening here or are we just reaching? Apparently, we're not the ones because after the news broke of Lin's departure to Houston, Melo received "some flak" from the other members of Team USA for supposedly playing a role in forcing Linsanity out of New York.

Current Knicks and U.S. Men's basketball teammate Tyson Chandler did come to Anthony's defense: "Melo said, ‘I liked the kid. I wanted him back.’ You say that on the bus when no cameras are around and you know that’s how he really feels.” Regardless of what any player says, many folks believe that Carmelo is a huge catalyst in determining who stays and who goes. With all that sway in the organization, criticism is sure to follow. "It is what it is,” Anthony said. “Anything that happens in New York, they blame me. I accept that. I don’t really worry about it, to be honest with you." That's good to know, Melo. Because as you may be familiar, the Knickerbockers don't make the wisest front office choices, so it's great to see you taking one for the team by receiving the blame and brushing your shoulders off in the process. And they say you're not a team player...    

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[via New York Daily News]