Over the years, we've heard plenty of athletes make guarantees. They've guaranteed they were going to win games, guaranteed they were going to win championships, and even guaranteed they were going to make the Olympic basketball team. But, we've never seen a guarantee as bold as this.

Today, Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil took out a full-page ad in the Charlotte Observer without telling anyone else on the team that included a long letter to the fans of the Panthers—and a guarantee that the Panthers will win the Super Bowl this season. That's right. Without letting his teammates, his coaches, or the people in charge of the Panthers know, he paid for an ad out of pocket to make a guarantee that includes the capitalized words, "CAROLINA PANTHERS—SUPER BOWL XLVII CHAMPIONS!"

Now, that is what we call a guarantee. Check out the thumbs above to read the entire letter.

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[via Charlotte Observer]