Remember the guy who managed to turn a red paperclip into a house in Canada a few years ago? He wrote a book about his experience of "trading up" called One Red Paperclip. Anyway, a minor league baseball sales executive named Sam Annable is trying to do the same thing right now. The only difference is that he's trying to turn two blue dice into some Super Bowl XLVII tickets. And, he wants to give those tickets to a sick child so that he or she can go enjoy the big game next February.

He's already made some pretty decent progress, too. Thanks to the press generated by his story, he's flipped the dice into an Alex Rodriguez rookie card and the A-Rod rookie card into a baseball glove made specifically for Ike Davis of the New York Mets. He's still got a ways to go before he can trade up for the SBXLVII tix, but as you can see, he's well on his way.

You can follow his progress at @TwoBlueDice. Anybody out there got anything worth trading?

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[via Shutdown Corner]