Sport: Basketball
Retirement Age (Career Length at the Time): 30 (1984-1993)
Everyone knows MJ for the six rings he collected during the Bulls dynasty throughout the '90s but could His Airness have retired with seven, eight or even nine had he not taken two hiatuses? We'll never know. The first retirement came as Jordan was fresh off a three-peat, was easily the most recognized athlete in the world and he was only 30 years old.

His father, James R. Jordan, Sr., was murdered just months earlier. After retiring from the NBA, MJ signed a minor league contract with the Chicago White Sox saying that having a son in MLB had been a wish of his late father. Jordan batted .202 in his season with the Birmingham Barons before the 1994 strike put a halt on any hopes he had of making it to the big leagues. He would make his NBA comeback in March of 1995 and lead the Bulls to another three-peat winning titles in 1996, 1997, and 1998 before making his second retirement. We'll just erase his comeback with the Wizards (2001-2003) from our memory. #thiswastheperfectwaytogoout