If you had to pick, who would you rather have as the point guard of your NBA team: Derrick Rose…or Deron Williams? It's a tough one, isn't it? But, the good news is that, regardless of who you pick, you're right. Your team would be pretty solid with either of them running the point.

Former Bulls point guard/Rose backup/recent Nets pickup C.J. Watson has an opinion on it, though, and it might surprise you. Despite the fact that he hasn't played a single game with D-Will yet, he already thinks he's a better point guard than D-Rose.

"I always thought Deron was the best point guard in the league, always playing against him, watching him," Watson said at a press conference to welcome him to the Nets. "He's always one of the toughest players…when everyone asks me who is the toughest point guard, I always say him. Between him and D-Rose, it's pick-your-poison."

Or, in this case, it's more like pick-which-one-is-your-current-teammate. Good call, C.J. Do you agree with him?

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]