The Problem: Tim Duncan’s committed close to three thousand fouls in his NBA career and has reacted to every single one as though he’s discovered a frosty glass on his coffee table without a coaster. That’s really annoying and referees should have the go-ahead to T-up groaning prima donnas. But the 2012 Playoffs have been a total embarrassment, with refs asserting themselves on the game like they're trying to impress a new girlfriend in the crowd. Celtics Coach Doc Rivers got a technical foul for literally saying, "C'mon, Eddie" to referee Ed Malloy. The league is arresting guys for going a few miles per hour over the speed limit when they should be declaring anarchy on the freeway.

What Needs To Be Recognized: Technicals are being called at bizarre times, for seemingly random reasons, and without balance. Since the playoffs began, opponents of Miami have 24 technical fouls, while the Heat have four. With a discrepancy like that, no wonder there are conspiracy theorists who think the NBA is fixed. What makes the Playoffs infinitely more watchable than the regular season is aggressive defense, hard fouls, and a little hand-to-hand combat amongst diva millionaires. Whatever's tolerated during the regular season should be doubled during the playoffs but, right now, it's going the other way.