The problem with putting touchscreens in car is that you can't feel what you're doing when you're operating one. This necessitates looking at the screen, which means you're not looking at old man Jenkins who stopped to tie his shoe in the middle of the interstate because he's frail and demented. That's pertinent information that you've missed because you weren't able to feel your way around changing radio stations because this one you're on is playing "Oops I Did It Again" for no discernible reason. 

Have we made it clear, albeit in an oddly specific way, why touchscreens in cars suck?

That's what makes this news so awesome: a company has been working on touchscreens than can form physical buttons by filling select parts of a flexible display with liquid. The product could be ready as soon as mid 2013, and that's very good news indeed. Now you don't have to choose between committing vehicular manslaughter by killing old man Jenkins or being aurally assaulted by a 19 year old pop star. 

[via Tactus]