Lucas Brunelle is an an internationally renowned cycling videographer, infamous for his daredevil riding style. Brunelle's films on urban cycling have become, to many, the image of alleycat racing. His latest DVD, entitled Line of Sight features 10 year's worth of footage, edited down to a 60 minute film, showcasing the bicycle messenger culture and lifestyle throughout the world.

Donning a customized helmet cam, Brunelle has followed some of the world's fastest bike messengers to bring us this inside story of underground bike racing. A glimpse of what urban cycling looks like in some of the world's most chaotic city streets and locales, the film features footage from the US, Mexico, Greece, Japan, Guatemala, England, and even makes a stop at the Great Wall of China.

The 60 minute film includes extras like outtakes, a 40-page art book and DVD titles designed by former bike messenger and iconic graffiti artist Futura 2000, photography, and spoke cards from 10 years worth of alleycat races around the world. Line of Sight will be available for purchase through Brunelle’s online shop.

[via Prolly]