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Good news, Manny Pacquiao fans! The WBO has determined that Pacman beat Timothy Bradley earlier this month and that the three judges who scored the fight otherwise were wrong to give Bradley the victory. The WBO's five-member international judging panel sat down and watched the fight again recently and all five members ruled that Pacquiao beat Bradley. In fact, they found that Pacquiao won easily as they handed out scores of 118-110, 117-111, 117-111, 116-112, and 115-113 in favor of Pacquiao.

But, there's some bad news, too, Pacquiao fans. Namely, that the WBO's findings are completely meaningless. They don't have the power to overturn the original ruling, so Bradley will keep the WBO welterweight title.

"We can't change the result," WBO president Francisco Valcarcel said, "but we did this review for two reasons. If they want to make a rematch, we will approve the rematch and if they don't, we will order one. Also, we wanted to show [the Nevada State Athletic Commission] that they could bring in other officials from outside of Nevada who can also do a fine job judging fights. It's good to have different officials."

Awesome. So, essentially, the review found that Pacquiao should have won the first time he fought Bradley, that he now has to fight Bradley again, and that the judges who worked the first fight sucked. Sounds like Pacman (and his fans!) just caught another L. We all know Pacquiao got robbed and that the fight was a bad look for boxing. Let's just move on.

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