As we've pointed out in the past, the Phillie Phanatic isn't always on his best behavior. So, we're not particularly surprised to hear about the latest trouble he's gotten himself into. But, you might be.

The Phanatic—the iconic mascot for the Philadelphia Phillies—is being sued by a woman who claims that he threw her into the shallow end of a pool at The Golden Inn hotel in Avalon, N.J. back in 2010. According to a lawsuit that was filed recently, the woman says that the Phanatic, who appears regularly at The Golden Inn for weddings, birthday parties, and such, caused injuries to her "head, neck, back, body, arms, legs, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and tissues" when he picked her up while she was sitting on a lounge chair and threw her into the pool. She also claims that she had trouble participating in a wedding that she was invited to the following day. So, she's decided to sue the Phanatic, the hotel, and the Phillies organization for the injuries she sustained.

Damn, Phanatic. No wonder everyone loves Mr. Met more than you! See you in court.

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[via Crossing Broad]