It doesn't seem too long ago that we were in ESPN Zone or our local arcade sliding our parent's quarters into the slots and playing countless hours of mindless video games. Some of our favorites were the racing games. You sit in that "realistic" racing seat with the shift knob and the NAS button on the steering wheel, jamming your foot into the tired pedals and running our tricked-out cars so fast that we'd always somehow end up going the wrong way. 

We'd always wish that just once we could close our eyes for five seconds and when we slowly opened, we'd be inside of that car. Well, Dr. ­Garnet Hertz has taken a step towards bridging that gap ... sort of. Hertz tossed a motor and some wheels onto a 1986 Sega OutRun arcade game, turning the virtual fun into literal reality. And just like in the game, you drive through a screen. The entire thing runs on a computer that powers the 2007 E-Z-Go 4.4-horsepower electric motor. Slide this into the "Completely Useless, But Utterly Amazing" folder. 

[via Car and Driver]

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